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Wurlitzer Screen Captures

I added over 500 high quality screen captures of Blake on the short film Wurlitzer from back in 2011.


Fresh 2 Death 2010 (2010) Captures!

I added a total 393 high quality screen captures of Blake on the short film Fresh 2 Death 2010, you can see the captures by clicking the pictures or link below.

(we will upload the short film in some days) 


The Glee Project Update!!!

I added over 5.500 pictures of Blake on the second season of The Glee Project including high quality screen captures (5.616), stills (40), behind the scenes (5) and promotional photoshoot (2). Enjoy!





“The Longest Ride” – Los Angeles Premiere

Yesterday Blake made company to Melissa Benoist, who is in the movie, to the The Longest Ride premiere in LA, I added 33 high and medium quality pictures of Blake at the red carpet.

Also here is a video of Blake and Melissa arriving to the event.

Commercials Update

I added screen captures of two commercials Blake was back in 2010, one for KFC and one for Eharmony.



Masterchef 4×10 ‘Top 14 Complete’ Screen Captures

I added 30 medium quality screen captures of Blake on the tenth episode of the fourth season of Masterchef US. In this episode the contestans need to make launch to every cMeast and crew member of Glee.


Glee 6×13 ‘Dreams Come True’ Screen Captures

I added 58 high quality screen captures of Blake on the last episode of Glee, Dreams Come True. He was part of the last performance, I Lived.