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  • “I wanted to be the guy… I wish I had around when I was a kid…”
  • “Dianna Agron, she walked in, I’m just like waaaah. She’s really pretty.”
  • “Getting a slushie in the face is like, being slapped by a snowman.”
  • “In junior high, I was picked on for being the small skinny kid who enjoyed being in drama. All the drama kids, we were looked at like we were aliens, and people would call us names and say, you know, ‘It’s stupid to be in drama.’ They would say a lot worse things, to be honest.”
  • “I’m the guy who will persist in his path.
    I’m the guy who will make you laugh.
    I’m the guy who strives to be open.
    I’m the guy who’s been heartbroken.
    I’m the guy who’s been on his own
    And I’m the guy who’s been left alone.
    I’m the guy who holds your hand
    And I’m the guy who will stand up and be a man.
    I’m the guy who tries to make things better.
    I’m the guy who’s the whitest half-Cuban, ever.
    I’m the guy who’s lost more then he’s won.
    I’m the guy who’s turned, but never spun.
    I’m the guy you couldn’t see.
    I’m that guy, and that guy is me.”